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How to select the best corn

You can select the best tasting fresh sweet yellow corn by looking for those that are displayed in the refrigerated section of your local market because warm temperatures will change the sugars in corn to starch. If you are purchasing corn at a farmerís market or a roadside stand and the corn has not been refrigerated make sure that it has at least been kept in the shade and out of direct sunlight. The husks should be fresh, bright green and envelop the ear and the silk should be moist and flowing. You can examine the kernels by pulling back part of the husk and checking to see if they are plump and tightly arranged in rows. Fresh corn will squirt a white milky substance if you take your fingernail and press on a kernel. This means the corn is just right for eating. By selecting the best tasting sweet fresh corn you will also be getting corn with the highest nutritional value.

As with all vegetables, I recommend selecting organically grown varieties of corn whenever possible. Because most of us cannot pick our corn straight from the corn stalk the next best alternative to is to purchase organically grown corn on the day you are planning to cook it.

Avoid corn that looks dried out, has husks that fit too loosely around the ear and silk that is dry and turning brown.

Send us your favorite recipes using the World's Healthiest Foods, so we can share them with others!

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