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Food Advisor

Food Advisor Helps You Find the Foods that are Right for You

Answering our short questionnaire will help analyze your nutritional status and provide you with information regarding the nutrients which may be found deficient in your diet as well as recommendations for which foods and recipes will help fulfill your nutritional needs. The results are as accurate as your responses to the questions. Be sure to fill out the questionnaire as accurately as possible and avoid underestimating your food intake.

We've created a questionnaire that is different from what you might expect. Many of the foods that you might currently be eating - especially processed foods, fast foods, desserts, treats, and snacks - are not even included in the questionnaire. The only foods we've listed are what we call the World's Healthiest Foods. These foods are unusually rich in nutrients. Part of the reason we call them the World's Healthiest Foods is that you don't have to eat large amounts of them to obtain a significant amount and variety of nutrients.

Our belief at the World's Healthiest Foods is that the more you can rely on the foods we list to provide your nourishment, the healthier you will become. Our Food Advisor will go on to suggest which nutrients are most likely to be deficient in your current meals, and to provide recommendations for obtaining these nutrients from foods and recipes. When the Food Advisor provides these recommendations, it is able to take into account your gender, age, and ethnicity if you have provided this information. In this way, the Food Advisor can give you a personalized set of food recommendations from a short questionnaire and move you along your way to a healthier meal plan!

About me:
Age: <1 1-2 3-5 6-11 12-19 20-39 40-59 60+ Unspecified
Gender: Female Male Unspecified
Ethnicity: Asian-Pacific Black Native American White Other Unspecified
Region: Midwest Northeast South West Unspecified
(Check all that apply but, if none apply, just skip this section.)
Asthma Atherosclerosis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Colorectal Cancer Diabetes (non-insulin dependent) Hypertension Irritable Bowel Syndrome Menopausal Symptoms Migraine Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Prostate Cancer Recurrent Otitis Media Rheumatoid Arthritis

How often do you eat the following foods?

Please indicate the total number of servings for all foods in the following groups

Food Groups
Click to indicate how many
servings per day or servings
per week you have of the
following foods: you can't
click both.


serving size: 1 cup (exceptions- sea vegetables: 1/4 cup, lettuce: 2 cups)
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
leeks, shitake mushroom, sea vegetables  
corn, potato, cucumber, avocado, olives, olive oil, onion, sweet potato, yam, eggplant  
beet, winter squash, cabbage, celery, green peas, fennel bulb  
summer squash, carrot, bell pepper, spinach, brussels sprouts, kale, tomato  
broccoli, cauliflower, Romaine lettuce, mustard greens, crimini mushrooms  
asparagus, collard greens, chard  


serving size: 1 whole fruit (exceptions- for very small or very large fruits: 1 cup; for dried fruits or fruit juices: 1/4 cup)
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
raisins, apple, pear, prune, fig, plum, grapes, blueberries  
lemon juice or lime juice  
banana, kiwifruit, orange, watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, pineapple, cantaloupe  
raspberries or strawberries  

Beans & Legumes

serving size: 1 cup cooked
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
navy beans, kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, split peas, tempeh, peanuts  
soybeans, tofu, lentils  

Nuts and Seeds

serving size: 1/4 cup
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
walnuts, cashews  
pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds  

Grains, Cereals, Breads & Pastas

serving size: 1 cup
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
millet, buckwheat, barley  
quinoa, wheat, oats  

Meats and Fish

serving size: 4 oz
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, scallops  
salmon, halibut, tuna, snapper, shrimp, venison  
calf's liver  

Dairy & Eggs

serving size: 1 cup (exception- egg: 1 egg)
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
low-fat cheese, yogurt, goat's milk  
cow's milk, egg  

Spices & Condiments

serving size: 2 teaspoons (exceptions: garlic, ginger, miso, parsley, peppermint: 1 oz)
Per Day
Per Week
4-6 2-3 1   4-6 2-3 1 <1
sage, rosemary, ginger, cumin, coriander, black pepper, maple syrup  
oregano, basil, soybean miso, tamari soy sauce, cloves, thyme, garlic, blackstrap molasses , chili peppers, turmeric  
cinnamon, mustard seed, parsley, peppermint leaves  

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