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Nutrient Percentages Provided By The World's Healthiest Foods Meal Plan

When averaged over all 7 days, our World's Healthiest Foods Meal Plan meets or exceeds 100% of our recommended daily nutrient intake level for all 29 nutrients that we feature in our website rating system. This health-promoting list of nutrients includes vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can use the chart below to see our recommended daily intake amounts for all 29 nutrients, as well as the average percentage for each nutrient that is provided by our World's Healthiest Foods Meal Plan. We have also included a very brief synopsis of some key health-supportive roles that have been associated with each nutrient in research findings.

Our results below were obtained using the 2016 version of Food Processor® Nutrition Analysis software copyrighted by ESHA Research in Salem, OR, database version 11.2.274. No optional ingredients in the meal plan were included in the analysis, and when ingredient options were included in the recipes, we analyzed the first option only. Additionally, we tried whenever possible to use the same food database codes that we used in our website food profiles to provide maximum continuity between our website descriptions and our meal plan results.

NutrientUnit of MeasurementWHFoods Daily Recommended AmountAverage Percent Provide By Meal PlanKey Health-Supportive Roles
  • helps maintain blood sugar balance
  • helps promote skin health
  • helps promote bone health
  • helps maintain acid/alkaline(pH)balance
  • helps support nerve function
  • helps support muscle function
  • helps support of methylation (a key process in our body's metabolism)
  • helps support membrane structure
  • helps support nervous system activity
  • helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • helps provide antioxidant protection
  • helps support bone and tissue integrity
  • helps support energy metabolism
  • helps maintain proper cholesterol balance
  • helps promote optimal passage of food through the digestive tract
  • helps improve cardiovascular function including cholesterol metabolism
  • helps stabilize blood sugar levels
  • helps maintain colon health
  • helps sustain brain and nervous system activity
  • helps promote overall cardiovascular function and red blood cell production
  • helps support reproductive health, especially during pregnancy
  • helps promote thyroid hormone production
  • helps support energy production
  • assists with oxygen transport
  • helps maintain bone integrity
  • assists with energy production
  • helps support nervous system metabolism
  • assists in control of inflammation
  • assists with control of blood sugar
  • helps support bone production
  • helps support skin integrity
  • helps maintain blood sugar control
  • helps protect against free radical damage
  • helps promote optimal sulfur balance
  • assists with antioxidant protection
  • help provide cardiovascular support
  • help regulate inflammatory responses
  • help support cell membrane integrity
Pantothenic acidmilligrams5148%
  • assists with energy production
  • helps support fat metabolism
  • assists with basic cell functions
  • helps provide bone support
  • helps maintain energy supplies
  • helps promote acid-base balance
  • helps maintain proper blood pressure
  • helps support kidney health
  • helps maintain the integrity of our body structures
  • helps support proper body composition
  • helps support regulation of blood sugar
  • assists with antioxidant protection
  • helps support normal thyroid function
Vitamin Aretinol activity equivalents900171%
  • helps support vision
  • helps support immune and inflammatory systems
  • helps support cell growth
Vitamin B1milligrams1.2133%
  • helps promote energy production
  • helps support nervous system function
Vitamin B2milligrams1.3154%
  • helps promote energy production
  • helps provide antioxidant protection
  • helps support iron metabolism
Vitamin B3milligrams16165%
  • assists with energy production
  • assists with antioxidant protection
Vitamin B6milligrams1.7176%
  • assists with production of red blood cells
  • assists with metabolism of cholesterol
  • helps promote brain and nervous system health
  • helps support liver detoxification processes
Vitamin B12micrograms2.4242%
  • helps provide cardiovascular support including support of red blood cell production
  • helps promote synthesis of DNA
  • helps support brain and nervous system activities
  • helps support energy metabolism
Vitamin Cmilligrams75505%
  • helps protect against excess free radical production
  • assists with collagen formation
  • assists with brain metabolism
Vitamin DInternational Units400113%
  • helps maintain bone health
  • helps maintain blood sugar control
  • helps promote immune system activities
Vitamin Ealpha-tocopherol equivalents15137%
  • helps protect against free radical damage
  • helps protect against heart disease
Vitamin Kmicrograms901100%
  • helps promote healthy blood clotting
  • helps support bone health
  • assists with immune function
  • helps support skin health
  • helps support sensory functions including taste and appetite
  • helps support male reproductive health

Even More Nutritional Benefits

While this extensive list of 100+ percent nutrients—including 3 macronutrients (protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids), 13 vitamins, and 12 minerals—might seem like an impressive accomplishment for any 7-day meal plan, the nutritional benefits provided by our World's Healthiest Foods Meal Plan are even greater than indicated by this list. What you don't see in this list of 29 nutrients is the amazing diversity of phytonutrients provided in this 7-day plan. By "phytonutrients" what we are referring to are the wide variety of flavonoids, carotenoids, and other plant-based nutrients that allow the foods in this meal plan to dazzle our senses. Consider that the deep purple-red hues in red onion, the pastel orange in cubes of cantaloupe, the pungent bold flavor of garlic, and the unique texture of quick steamed broccoli are features in our meal plan that are only made possible by flavonoids like the anthocyanins in red onion, or carotenoids like the beta-carotene in cantaloupe, or organosulfur compounds in garlic. Because our 7-day plan is so rich in fresh vegetables, it provides outstanding amounts of these phytonutrients. In fact, the list of phytonutrients provided in our 7-day plan is actually longer than the list of macronutrients and vitamins and minerals shown in the chart above! It's also worth noting that virtually all of the carotenoids and flavonoids provided in our 7-day plan have been shown to provide both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits.

It's important to remember the elements in our World's Healthiest Foods Meal Plan that make these remarkable nutrient benefits possible. These high average percentages for 29 different nutrients could not be achieved within a framework of 1,878 calories and the absence of dietary supplements without an unwavering emphasis on whole, minimally processed foods that have been selected on the basis of nutrient-richness and that have been prepared in such a way as to preserve as much nutrient content as possible. In addition, these high percentages would not be possible without special emphasis on vegetable intake and the unique nutrient-richness provided by this food group.

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