How many different types of kale are there?

The three types of kale that we have become familiar with in the produce section of today's grocery stores include (1) flatter, wider-leafed kale, (2) darker Lacinato-type kale, and (3) more tightly formed, curly leafed kale.

The flatter, wider-leafed kale includes varieties such as Smooth German, Red Russsian, Beria, Black Magic, and Tronchuda. The darker, lacinato-type kale (also called Napus or Siberian type kale) includes Tuscan Black, Dinosaur Kale, and Toscana. The more tightly formed, curly-leafed kale (also sometimes called Scotch or Scotch-curled kale) includes Dwarf Blue Curled, Starbor, Darkibor, and Winterbor.

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