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The Smart Menu is the first menu created using only health-promoting World's Healthiest Foods. It not only specifies what foods to eat but recipes that make them taste great. It is a powerful menu because it contains 100% of the DRI/DVs recommended for vitamins, minerals fiber, protein, omega-3s each day. It is also rich in antioxidants (needed to fight free radical activity), phytonutrients, and enzymes. All of these nutrients work together synergistically to help achieve optimal health and a health weight. All foods are recommended to be organically grown, whenever possible, to avoid the pesticide residues commonly found on commercially grown foods.

The nutrient-rich foods found on the Smart Menu will help you discover the secrets to optimal health through enjoying the effects of their fantastic health benefits. It is the ultimate guide to the World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating in which you receive the maximum number of nutrients for the least number of calories. By following the Menu you will automatically avoid the highly refined and processed foods rich in sugar, salt, and saturated fat so common to the Standard American Diet and which have been associated with our poor national health.

The Smart Menu was designed to not only to satiate our appetites but to deliver the nutrients necessary to build every cell and organ in our bodies thereby having a positive impact on all of our bodily systems including the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones.

For more on the Smart Menu from the World's Healthiest Foods book:

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