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George Mateljan—Philanthropist and Expert in the World's Healthiest Foods Shows Us How to Eat Healthier

George Mateljan has been branded as one of America's Premier Experts:

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, is well-known for saying, "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." George Mateljan has taken these words to heart and put them into practice creating a lifetime of impressive achievements. His passion for the healthiest way of eating sent him to over 80 countries to discover the World's Healthiest Foods—foods he found related to the longevity and health of people in different cultures throughout the world. Mateljan's effervescent enthusiasm and energy are now focused on spreading the word about the World's Healthiest Foods, which provide the maximum number of nutrients for the least number of calories (he calls them nutrient-rich foods).

During his travels Mateljan observed that from culture to culture there were extreme differences in health and longevity. For example, in Northern India he observed many people lived to be 100 years old while people in some areas of Southern India had a life expectancy only into their 40's. He found that in all cases the common denominator was related to the food they eat. Determined to make a positive impact on the lives of others based on his experiences, he returned to the United States and in 1970 founded Health Valley Foods—one of the first companies in the country to produce healthy prepared foods. Additionally, he became a pioneer in the organic food movement, encouraging and supporting the development of organic farming.

Every year of Mateljan's twenty-six year tenure as owner of Health Valley Foods, he would expand his product line with foods free from white flour, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, excess salt, chemical preservatives, and artificial colors. Using the skills he acquired studying French cuisine at the renowned La Varenne cooking school near Paris, Italian cuisine at Guiliano Bugialli's cooking school in Florence, and the Gourmet's Oxford in England combined with his background in biochemistry, Mateljan actively participated in every aspect of the production of the company's goods and personally created the majority of the recipes used in the product line.

Mateljan was also one of the leaders of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), which is a professional organization of the natural products industry. He served as the NNFA's Chairman of Educational Programs and as a member of the Organic Foods Committee. He helped make possible industry programs, which directly help the public, including the TruLabel Program, which lets the public feel confident about the fidelity and clarity of natural foods labels. In recognition of his many contributions, the NNFA honored him as the first recipient of the "President's Award" in 1994.

After selling Health Valley Foods in 1996, Mateljan began focusing more of his attention on teaching people to make informed decisions about the best foods for optimal health. This led to the formation of the George Mateljan Foundation in 1999. The Foundation, funded solely by Mateljan, is dedicated to making the world a healthier place. Mateljan says, "The Foundation's mission is to offer the latest scientific information about the benefits of the World's Healthiest Foods, the nutrients they provide and how to cook them to preserve the maximum number of those nutrients. Equally important, we offer practical, simple and affordable ways to enjoy these foods in a way that fits a person's individual lifestyle."

Mateljan was always aware that people won't regularly eat foods just because they are nutritious; they eat foods because they taste good so he developed his New Healthiest Way of Cooking to make the Worlds Healthiest foods taste so good that every meal becomes a celebration! His Healthiest Way of Cooking combines preserving the maximum number of nutrients found in the World's Healthiest Foods with enhancing and maximizing their flavor. That means you don't have to "try" to eat more healthfully but you eat more healthfully because you will love every bite. Mateljan's cooking methods and recipes are also so quick and easy that anyone can use them. Because cooking becomes easier and more enjoyable with George's Healthiest Way of Cooking, eating healthier with the World's Healthiest Foods can also help save both time and money because you will be cooking more of your meals at home.

All of this information, and more, is provided by the Foundation's website. The information is supported by more than 5,000 scientifically based studies. And all of this free-of-charge! The website comes up #1 on a Google search for "healthiest foods" and "healthiest recipes," and is arguably the most comprehensive website around on healthy eating. With no commercial interests or advertising it now boasts over 2 million visitors a month!

You can receive additional support from the Foundation's free weekly electronic newsletters and daily tips and recipes, which are distributed to close to one-hundred thousand recipients. Mateljan also invites you to take advantage of the free download of the first chapter of his Worlds Healthiest Foods book when you subscribe. Each newsletter contains the most up-to-date information related to healthy eating and cooking highlighted by the featured "Food of the Week" and how to select, store, and prepare it. You can also learn how to prepare the Recipe of the Week with George on the Weekly video featured on the home page as well as follow them on Facebook and Twitter. From decreasing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol to weight loss of 10-100 pounds, the website and newsletters have had a plethora of accolades from people all over the world reflecting how helpful the information has been to their lives.

Since the George Mateljan Foundation is a non-profit entity free of any commercial interests, information can be disseminated independently and without bias. According to Mateljan, "We believe that the Foundation's independent perspective can help provide a clear and easy-to-understand knowledge of how people of all ages and backgrounds can achieve and maintain their optimum physical, mental and emotional health and well being." Mateljan states, "We recognize that each individual is unique, so we don't try to fit everyone into the same 'food formula.' Instead, we respect individuality and provide a wide variety of healthy food options. That way each individual can discover the personalized information, recipes, cooking methods and menu plans to meet his or her needs."

As part of his philanthropic efforts to educate people around the world on the benefits of proper eating and cooking, Mateljan has become an award-winning author of six best-selling books. The World's Healthiest Foods is his most recent achievement. The over eight-hundred page book has become a reference staple for nutrition conscious individuals world-wide as well as being a book recommended and used by professors at multiple universities. Dr. David Katz of Yale University has said about Mateljan's book, "You have written a Masterpiece! Keep this book within easy reach and everything you need to know about eating for optimal health, and pure delight—from which foods to choose, to how they should be prepared—will be at your fingertips. If every kitchen had a copy of your book, the health benefits would be dramatic."

According to Mateljan, "Thousands who have purchased the book and followed the eating recommendations have reported significant health improvements." The book is intended to answer the question: What is the healthiest way of eating? Scientific evidence is now supporting the fact that only nutrient-rich foods like the World's Healthiest Foods can provide all of the nutrients — vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants - needed for optimal health. This is because nutrients don't work in isolation but synergistically. The synergy between these nutrients found in The World's Healthiest Foods plays a major role in the expression of our genes, and therefore our appearance, overall health and longevity. These foods are also the best avenue to achieve an ideal weight.

According to Mateljan, nutrients in foods are flavor carriers. Food needs to be prepared in such a way that the flavors are highlighted rather than being destroyed in the cooking process. He states, "Most cooking processes destroy fifty to eighty percent of the nutrients in food. I teach people how to maintain the nutrient value and maximize flavor through how food is prepared." According to Mateljan, we must ask ourselves, "Why do we eat food? Is it simply to feel full or for nourishment?" For most people enjoying the food they eat is at the foundation of changing to, and sticking to a healthier way of eating lifestyle.

Highlights of the book include a Nutrient-Richness Chart which presents a list of the foods in order of their nutrient-richness; A list of over five-hundred delicious Mediterranean-style recipes; A Healthiest Way of Eating Plan to help you jumpstart your lifestyle eating changes by providing you with 100% DV of most nutrients and taking all of the guesswork out of a healthier way of eating lifestyle; A Fish and Shellfish Guide to help you select the safest and most omega-3 concentrated foods; A Health-Promoting Nutrients section to determine which foods contain the best source of specific nutrients; Information about healing with the world's healthiest foods; A Food Sensitivity Elimination Plan; and even a recommended shopping list.

Mateljan is dedicated to help make a healthier world. He says, "I want people to benefit from my knowledge. I provide all the information on my Foundation's website absolutely free-of-charge so people can benefit and be helped." In constant pursuit of his mission he spends his time continuously researching and writing about the healthiest way of eating, updating the Foundation's website, working on book revisions or a new book, creating instructional videos, and responding to inquiries sent to him by people that have read his material or have specific questions. Other books Mateljan has written, which have been read by millions, include, Weight Loss Success—Without Dieting, Cooking Without Fat; Baking Without Fat; Healthy Living Cuisine; Healthier Eating Guide; and Natural Foods Cookbook. In addition to healthy eating, Mateljan stays in excellent shape by walking five miles a day and swimming two times a week. Mateljan invites the world to take advantage of all the free information contained on the George Mateljan Foundation website ( and to download for free the first chapter of his best-selling book, The World's Healthiest Foods. The book can also be purchased through the website.

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